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Sensor Dust!

Thursday, May 31st, 2007

View of the Atlantic from Montauk

I’ve had my Rebel XT (350D) for almost 13 months now, and I guess it’s time to try my hand at cleaning the camera’s sensor. I’ve been switching lens outdoors, and as this particular picture shows, there’s already quite a bit of dust visible on the photo. This was taken with a relatively high f-stop (f/22), when these spots are expected to appear on the image.

I’ve yet to decide which approach to use, wet or dry, but I’ll probably try first with my Giottos blower, and see if that helps.

Montauk Saturday

Monday, May 28th, 2007

It’s the last day of the 2007 Memorial Day weekend here, and I’ve decided to try my hand at Wordpress one more time.

Back to work tomorrow, but it’s been fun to again meet with fellow Filipino graduate students at Stony Brook on Saturday, before two of them finally leave campus after getting their Ph.D.’s earlier this month. I got on the 6:08 a.m. LIRR train out of Penn Station going to Stony Brook, where I met with them before we drove to Montauk.

Montauk Point Lighthouse

After we had a quick breakfast at Burger King, we went on our way (Montauk, here we come!). We just got slowed down a bit while passing through the Hamptons area. At last, I can now say that I’ve been to the easternmost point of Long Island, about 189 km (118 mi) from New York City. We didn’t go inside the lighthouse itself. I guess after the long drive, the lighthouse turned out to be pretty underwhelming. We just took a bunch of pictures of it and of the view towards the Atlantic. We had a late lunch at The Clam Bar afterwards, then drove back to Stony Brook.

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